Traffic Ivy Review

You can’t just blog and hope that people will find you these days. You need to get out there, search for new traffic sources, and make sure your content is shared. That’s where Traffic Ivy comes in. 

 In this Traffic Ivy review we’ll uncover all you need to know on how I quadrupled my blog traffic in just a few short months, so stick around. By the end of this post you’ll know  what Traffic Ivy is, and exactly how it works, but most of all how to put it to good use! 

Traffic Ivy is vital to any online successful business and that’s why I’ve been so excited by all these reports showing not only does Traffic Ivy work but so many are having success with it.  Without huge budgets or years of experience under their belts! So cheers… to all the future success of businesses and bloggers and everyone in between!

This may be your best foot forward as your traffic reaches new heights.

Cindy Donovan, is the creator, and has come up with an intriguing solution for getting free traffic to your online business. Whether you own a website or blog, getting more exposure to your content is key! The platform works by sharing other peoples’ content via social media platforms. It takes only a few minutes to get the ball rolling, and your share will continually increase, its process is effective and amazingly simple.

You can’t get business without traffic. So here is your one-stop database if you’re a content creator or any online business!

So how does it work?

Open your Traffic Ivy Account and connect all of your social media, and websites.

You can collect points for sharing other people’s content and use points to get your content targeted traffic.

It’s sort of like investing in yourself, when you share your content, you can choose to share it for 10 points, this will then give 10 people the ability to share your content, when all 10 shares are through, you then will then have to create a new campaign.

One of the best parts of Traffic Ivy is the rating system driven by the community members, as your shares are delivered, you are able to track and rate the traffic. Making sure that amongst the network the websites are genuine and real.

There is also the ability to block certain people or entire countries from sharing your content, giving you more control of who’s sharing or not sharing your work.

Traffic Ivy has real people training and monitoring this community of members and helping us all grow and utilize the power of virality. They are completely transparent and updated in real time. Over time you’ll be able to see first hand how your network grows, where in the network the best shares come from, and get a better understanding of  your points and where to spend them. 

They offer a featured content section, awarded not purchased. This goes to those with great content, excellent quality traffic, and a rock solid track record. Here the metrics speak for themselves.  These featured spots get an incredible amount of traffic and are well deserved. This is quality at its finest. Real shares that produce 100% real traffic.

As a member you’ll be welcomed into this massive growing network of blogs spread over 22 different niches.  These are like minded entrepreneurs, incentivized to share, and keep quality and engagement high. Some members decide on spending their points and grabbing their traffic as is, but many others will sort of push the “power” button. They connect their own websites, social media (FB, twitter, Pinterest, Youtube,LinkedIN, Reddit) accounts and share other people’s content, and each time they’ll be earning themselves points.

Google is an ever changing search engine, but having excellent, engaging high quality and relevant, content has stood the test of time. Having high quality backlinks gains you google love when people are searching for your keyword terms. This my friend is a powerful edge to have!

We’re sick of software that promises you’ll be able to get floods of traffic, but in reality just wastes your time and money. It’s a scam! Fake bot traffic believe it or not accounts for 52% of the web traffic out there.

When a click arrives on your site and then leaves immediately, it is recorded by search engines as either bot traffic or visitor curiosity. Since advertising networks consider fake views to be fraud, you might end up with penalized website if the trend repeats. And if this continues for too long without any changes made to address these issues such as adding more content or changing design features of the page that entice visitors to stay longer than they would have otherwise before leaving again after just one visit – advertisers will stop sending their ads because there are no real impressions happening! You don’t have to put up with it anymore. 

Traffic Ivy’s cloud-based, free traffic platform carries reliable and trackable shares of mass exposure. Traffic lured in a way that represents truthfulness; It’s not just about getting your message out there – it’s also about extending credibility to you! 

No matter what kind of online business here’s to many more success owners no matter what you’re getting into.

Social Media Marketers, Make any content you share go viral, have hundreds of people share your post and link to it – articles or anything!

Affiliate Marketers, why just put it somewhere when you can have your content anywhere. The world is your oyster!

Ecom Marketers, let traffic Ivy spread the word, and your products on someone else’s feed.

Local Marketers, stop distributing pamphlets no one reads or looks at, share your ads and make it go viral.

Website owners, it’s like paying for parking but not owning a vehicle.

Bloggers – Traffic Ivy has a wp plugin to automate publishing of your new posts for even more shares.

Newbie Marketers – now is the time, you don’t need a website to work this incredible traffic system, this is the place, with this community of friendly and real people support from entrepreneurs that has been where you are. If you don’t have a blog yet, and you don’t want one, you can create content on this network with your links and your own offers. Use the system to build your social following or even start building your subscriber list.

Video Marketers – This large collection of members are You Tube loving entrepreneurs, you can upload your videos directly and watch your smashing likes count increase.

SEO Freelancers – Now you can get as many high-value backlinks without breaking a sweat! All you have to do is start submitting your articles in Traffic Ivy and watch the hits roll in.

Now, thanks to this article submission service that we provide for all of our customers at Just Blogging Tips, getting more links has never been easier or faster. Submit an article today and see what people are talking about tomorrow

What’s it cost?

Traffic Ivy comes with three one time offers, for those who choose to take it for spin and test drive the traffic:

2,000 points for $19.97

5,000 points for $47

10,000 points for $97

Keep in mind that you can earn your points by sharing other people’s content.

And for those who are impressed and want to take things to the next level, Traffic Ivy Pro is a monthly subscription:

$27 Gold- 5,000 points monthly

$47 Platinum- 10,000 points monthly

The pro option entitles members to earn twice as many points, have premium skype support, and receive their points in just 24 hours as opposed to regular members who have to wait about 7 days.

Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle for $97 – this will get you access to a fully ready to publish blog that will drive traffic, here’s what’s included:

A fully hosted WordPress blog. The blog is comprised of 5 landing pages completely done-for-you

Access to a WordPress plugin that allows you to connect your blog and automate content sharing.

Ability to create your own fully hosted WordPress blog that comes with built in lead generation forms that are connected to your affiliate offers

Agency Rights – $197

This upgrade allows you to create unlimited clients accounts with the ability to distribute your own traffic and points to any of your clients’ account. Invite your all, your clients, your VA’s and any staff members to have their own accounts. You can also sell the service, and charge clients. Entice them with extra traffic by transferring points to those clients in need.


How much traffic is expected from 5,000 points?

This is a community points based system, you can invest as much or as little as you’d like. The more you invest in yourself, the more people are allowed to share your content!

Does Traffic Ivy offer training and support?

Yes, support is available as you will get access to a FB group, a resources section with videos, pdf, reports, and pre recorded training.

Is there a money back guarantee?

30 day money back guarantee, also if you feel that you did not get results, you can contact customer service.

Do traffic points expire?

There is no expiry date on your points.

Are there any upsells?


OTO 1 – Pro Subscription $27 or $47 / month

OTO 2 – Kickstart Bundle $97

OTO 3 – Agency License $197

OTO 4 – Reseller License $297

How do I download this software?

Once purchased a link will be sent for you to download.

Is traffic Ivy a scam?

This software is genuine and there is a lot of traffic to be had using the community within this network.

I hope to have covered this Traffic Ivy review in full, so you can make an informed decision on your purchase. A healthy increase in traffic by means of real people, real interest, and real businesses of value is like gold to any business.  This constant trackable flow of traffic seems to tick off the value-for-price box with ease.  Get yourself a package today and put Traffic Ivy to the test!

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