Must-Know Beaches for Big Wave Surfers

If you’re a surfer and you know about the waves, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of places like Jaws in Maui, Maverick’s off the coast of Half Moon Bay, or Todos Santos near Ensenada. But what other beaches are perfect for big wave surfing? That is just the question we’re asking on this blog post. We will explore must-know beaches for big wave surfers and their characteristics so that if you’re looking to visit a new spot with some epic waves, then look no further!

One of the more famous spots for big wave surfing, “Waimea Bay,” boasts wave faces 60+ feet. Competitions such as the Eddie Aikau are held here, but only when surf meets the size requirements. Tourist and locals alike come to watch the spectacle situated in a bay that has incredible views for all.

Thumping reef break, “The Right,” Mother Natures phenomenon, one of the heaviest waves off the coast of Western Australia. One of two surf spots that make the biggest and baddest barrels.

Pronounced (Chop-pu), Teahupo’o, is origin of surfing, its birthplace. Here again we see another heavy blue slab, stunningly beautiful but deadly nonetheless. Located in Tahiti, these waves will leave you transfixed at first sight.

Praia do Norte, Portugal, this old 17th century fishing village, Nazare, funnels the swells and jacks up the energy to some behemoth waves. This formation due to the cannon of Nazare is the biggest underwater ravine in Europe at 200km long and depths of 5000m. Bodyboarders and surfers alike are provided with the biggest drops, record high waves ever seen and surfed. One 30m in particular belongs to Hawaiian Garrett Macnamara, “Biggest wave” in 2011 by Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Award.

Surfing can be incredibly dangerous but for these surfers, they’re risking their lives for the ultimate ride.

But the surfers are not alone on these big waves, there’s a whole industry ready to support them and their passion for surfing: cameramen, sponsors, tow-in crews that give up their lives to get people out into these monster swells so they can ride em’ all day long.

The adrenaline of surfing big waves is an addiction for many, they can’t get enough of it. And if you’re lucky to be a surfer riding the biggest wave in Nazare or anywhere else on this list then congratulations your name will go down in history as one who conquered the ocean’s most treacherous places.

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